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Cecero believes it is our duty to help the next generation achieve their goals. We do this not for recognition or for self-promotion, but because our mantra is: we receive help, we freely give help. We hope to be an example of caring for others, an example of sacrifice promoting community, hope and love. We hope to inspire these young adults to, in turn, do the same.

 On the local scene, Cecero is promising 40% of the proceeds resulting from sales in this region to be given to the public school of Arkoma, OK, to be distributed accordingly. Arkoma is a bright and community-driven environment where the ideals of “helping your neighbor” and “supporting the kids” are strong moral imperatives. We hope to help provide the tools necessary to develop socially, physiologically, and intellectually.  

We have underfunded schools, underpaid teachers, and an educational system that is falling behind. Cecero is taking responsibility of the situation and wants to make our schools, teachers, and educational system a success.   Unfortunately, Cecero is a small company and cannot help everyone, but as we grow our ability to help others will grow with us. Join us in taking  ownership as we look forward to a brighter future!

 If your school would like to participate in the “Funding our Future” program , please contact us by either leaving a comment or emailing us at We will respond as soon as possible to discuss how we can work together in making a brighter future for our kids!

Congratulations to Arkoma Public School for participating in our Funding our Future program! 

If your school is interested in joining our program please email us at or leave a comment!

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